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Newsletter #17

Submitted by webmaster on Sun, 11/10/2009 - 10:55pm

NEIGHBOURHOOD PLANNING Talk to a Planner Session 6 August.

Over 500 people attended this session. Attendees will have received a Summary Report of Community Feedback from the Council through the mail.
Summaries can be found on our website and the council website
Key points noted were.

  1. Impacts of five storey developments around Centres: traffic, parking, reduced land values, social impacts, loss of character, aesthetic /visual impacts, and pressure on other infrastructure.
  2. Five storey development at St Aidan’s: increased traffic, parking and overshadowing
  3. Concerns with the proposed bus depot on Sherwood Road: concern with the rushed consultation process, increased volume of bus traffic on already congested roads, noise, pollution, safety and access impacts.
  4. Environmental issues: including increased density compromising environmental work
  5. Area Classification changes: issues with Demolition Control Precincts and MP3 centres.
  6. Other issues: included concerns with the Neighbourhood Planning process


Strong community opinion was expressed that provision and upgrading of infrastructure need to occur before density is increased.
It is encouraging that the council town planners have recognised the concerns of the community. It demonstrates that it is important to have your say!


The Council has advised residents that changes are being made to the draft Sherwood Graceville District Neighbourhood Plan as a result of the Talk to the Planner session on 6th August. It is being sent back to the Qld Government for approval before it is released for public comment. The formal submission period was originally scheduled for the middle of this year. This period of formal comment is now to be “early next year”.
Our first draft had actually been submitted to Qld Government some time ago and had come back ready for Council to make the changes before they released it for formal comment. This presumably means that the new version of the plan is significantly different from the original.29th July 2009 version that is currently on the Council website. We can only hope that it is for the better.


Newsletter #16 in August drew members’ attention to the BCC Information Sessions being held at the Corinda Library on Thurs 20 Aug and Saturday 22 August. Further sessions were subsequently held at Yeronga RSL on Thurs 1 October. Little factual information was initially available but a plan of the depot and bus movements of the 200 buses to be stabled at the depot have been released.
There is a deal of information concerning the proposed depot circulating in the community including a number of letters from local, state and federal politicians and a series of articles in local papers.
Copies of all this information can be found on our website .
An alliance of local community groups have been formed to coordinate efforts in stopping the proposed Sherwood Bus Depot from proceeding.
The Community Group Alliance includes:

  • Walter Taylor South Action Group
  • Sherwood State School P&C
  • St Josephs Corinda P&F
  • Graceville P&C
  • Staverton Kindergarten
  • Help Endangered Local Plan (H.E.L.P.)

They were responsible for the two community protests on Saturday 5th September and 12th September on the corner of Sherwood and Oxley Roads. Good TV coverage was obtained for the first protest and drew comment from the Council politicians involved.

Rally against the Location of the Proposed Depot

An application has been lodged to conduct a street rally against the location of the proposed Sherwood Road Bus Depot on Saturday 24th October 2009.
9.30am - Assemble at Hives Park.
10am - Depart. Route takes approximately 25 – 30 mins in a slow walk.
10.30am - Arrive at Oxley Common for brief address on residents’ concerns.
The rally is being supported by the Community Group Alliance.
Participants are asked to dress in some item of red clothing. Signs and red balloons are being provided.
All members of the local community are invited to attend.

AGM of Walter Taylor South Action Group inc

When: 7.30pm Tuesday 27th October 2009
Where: St David’s Church Hall,
Chelmer St East, Chelmer

  • Hear about the latest on the proposed Sherwood Rd bus depot
  • Get an update on the Neighbourhood Planning process
  • Become a member or renew your membership
  • Nominate or seek nomination for a place on the management committee.

See web site for agenda, membership and nomination forms.


A notice has gone up outside this residence to allow demolition of a pre-war character house on a double lot - 32 Harrowby Street, Corinda,
To see the development application, go to the council website at and enter the application number A002434737
You may wish to lodge a comment.

New website for WTSAG

Have you checked out our new website yet?
Our new webmaster Allan Howard has provided a great layout. The website has been set up for all members of the community to be able to share information. It contains articles, events and newsletters that are written by WTSAG editors, but it also contains a Forum and Article Comments segments that are open to all members of the community.
To participate in the forum or post your article comments you will need to register as we do not allow Anonymous comments. This is free (you do not need to be a member of the WTSAG to register.
Log on and keep up to date with what is happening.
If you register, you will receive a brief email whenever an important item of interest to the community is posted.
We will continue to produce a hard copy newsletter for distribution to our members as some of our members do not have email.