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Brisbane City Council Get to Know your Neighbourhood Plan Session


Do you have a view on the proposal for five storeys in our suburbs?  Talk to a Planner!
Date: 6 August
Time: 1.30 – 4.30pm OR 5.30 – 8pm
Place: Sherwood Services Club, Clewley St, Corinda
RSVP: 3403 8698



The proposed additional infill to our suburbs needs to seen in the context of the new South East Queensland Regional Plan released last week. The State government plan is for an additional 754,000 extra homes to be built in the region by 2031. This is 19,000 more that what was planned just six months ago. Nearly half will be built in established urban areas through infill and redevelopment. The regional Councils are obliged to develop their plans to accommodate this increase. (Courier Mail July 2009).
Our area is close to rail transport and is thus being targeted for significant infill in certain precincts.



Draft Sherwood Graceville District Neighbourhood Plan Available

The draft plan was released several months ago. It can be viewed on the Council website Follow the menus from “Planning and Building “on the home page. The draft Plan also includes changes to Area classification (zoning) and Demolition Control Precincts. The changes are listed for each affected property and street. Detailed maps are also available. All are available on-line.
There have been a number of additions to the Demolition Control Precincts. The main deletions from Demolition Control Precincts are in two locations – in several blocks around the Coles store in Corinda east of Oxley Rd to allow for Medium Density Residential (up to 5 storeys) and in the streets between Montrose Access property and the railway line on the west of Oxley Rd.

Proposal for Five Storeys in specific precincts

In the draft plan, there are several precincts where it is proposed to allow building heights of up to 5 storeys.
Precinct 2 - Corinda Centre Precinct: this contains areas designated MP3 (Multi-Purpose Centre level 3) and MR (medium density residential). Both allow for up to 5 storeys as per these Area Classifications.
Precinct 9 – Sherwood Future Investigation Area “This Precinct includes the Sherwood Centre and adjoining residential area bordered by Sherwood Road, Oxley Road and the Corinda – Yeerongpilly rail line. This area has been identified as an investigation area for possible future increased residential densities in buildings up to 5 storeys in height. Investigation will occur as part of the neighbourhood planning process. Traffic and transport, character housing and lots size constraints will be considered as part of the investigation.”
There does not appear to be any mention of 5 storeys in Precinct 6- St Aidan’s School. Precinct in the current draft neighbourhood plan.

Public Meeting Held 28th July

A public meeting was held on Tues 28th July at the Corinda Bowls Club to discuss the proposal for five storeys in certain precincts. It was attended by several hundred people. Allan Howard and Graeme Robinson addressed the meeting on the concerns over the impact of five-storey buildings and the changes to character housing and demolition control in the area.
Andrew Spalding and Leigh Park of Walter Taylor South Action Group also addressed the meeting and stressed the need to be well informed about the draft plan and to take the time to attend the Council “Get to Know Your Neighbourhood Plan” meeting being held on 6 August.
Cr Nicole Johnstone, Councillor for Tennyson Ward, and Julie Atwood, MP for Mount Ommaney also attended and addressed the meeting. Cr Johnstone emphasised the need for residents to put their views to town planners at the 6th August meeting. She also stressed that. it is important to make a submission during the public notification period which will occur at a later stage in 2009.

Get to Know your Neighbourhood Plan Session 6th August

The Council is holding an additional session to discuss the possible increased density and building heights of up to 5 storeys at St Aidan’s Anglican Girls School and in the centres of Corinda and Sherwood.
Time: 1.30 – 4.30pm OR 5.30 – 8pm Place: Sherwood Services Club, Clewley St, Corinda . RSVP to Council on: 3403 8698

Next Step

There will shortly be a formal period when the draft plan is distributed to the community and formal submissions will be accepted. The Council will then revise the plan based on community submissions and send the plan back to the Qld government for final review.


Allan Howard has kindly come to our rescue and set up a fantastic website for WTSAG Inc. This will provide a site for up to the minute information about planning issues in our area.
Find us at


There is a development application before Council to move the existing Queenslander on 53 Twickenham St to the western boundary and build a new house along the eastern boundary. There is a great deal of concern by local residents and by the kindergarten community. Large shade trees will be removed, the new house will form part of the boundary with the kindergarten and the kindergarten playground will be overlooked by the new house
You can view the application and the large number of submissions received against the development on-line. Go to the Brisbane City Council website and follow the menu or use the link-below to get to the online application enquiry search tool.
The application is A002344447.
It was noted by many that the Development Application was lodged on the 29th June (notice was posted on 1 July) meaning that the two week period for submissions finished on 15th July, coinciding with the school holidays when the kindergarten community are away.
The existing property consists of 3 lots and thus requires no subdivision. The lot being built on is 408.91m2. Note that the smallest lot allowable house in a Low Density Residential Area in a Demolition Control Precinct. is now 450m2, under the Brisbane City Plan 2000-Volume 1 amended 1 July 2007. (Presumably the 2 year period before the change takes effect has just expired).
It will be interesting to see if Council approves this development.


Corinda Golf Driving Range & Golf Course

Brisbane Boys College has purchased this area and has submitted development plans, which include a sporting complex, with a grandstand, a medical complex and tennis courts. Plans for sporting complex are impact assessable.
We will provide details on our website soon.

Graceville Fiveways Project

The original development was withdrawn. A new application was lodged for a development with shops, medical centre, office, restaurant and multi-unit dwelling of 6 units. This development is not Impact Assessable, only Code Assessable so there are no appeal rights. The application was successful. It is understood that the development is now four storeys.

Dudley Street Proposed Demolition of a Pre –1946 House in a Demolition Control Precinct.

A large number of residents took the time to lodge submissions against this development. It was rejected.