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How long ago were you aware BCC was working on a new Neighbourhood Plan?

Submitted by webmaster on Sat, 18/07/2009 - 10:17pm
Didn't Know
7% (2 votes)
Less 1 Month
41% (11 votes)
1-6 Months
33% (9 votes)
1 Year
7% (2 votes)
2 Years
11% (3 votes)
Total votes: 27


I feel the congestion and traffic on Oxley Road AND all the surrounding short cut roads at peak hour are already at dangerous levels.  The street I live on has recently had 3 subdivisions allowed.  Where previously there had been single houses there are now 2 or 3 - and this has significantly increased the parking on the street.  My street is a through road to a school's playing fields - whenever parents are dropping children off for sport there is significant fast driving, swerving around the parked cars, and traffic backing up to the next street.  The cars parked on either side of the road make for a very dangerous traffic situation, especially for pedestrians  - particularly children and elderly people who can't leap out of the way. 
Further development in these residential areas will result in yet more traffic on already overloaded roads, and yet more cars parked on streets which are not wide enough to deal with them.  This is an area full of children and elderly people, and 5 levels of development is totally unsuitable. 
If Oxley Road is all ready full to capacity, where are the new cars to go?  And anyone who drives on Oxley Road between Oxley and Graceville cannot deny that at peak times (7.30 - and 3pm - 6pm) it is over capacity.   Walter Taylor Bridge is equally full to capacity - allowing for large increase in the population in this area will make the strain of traffic even worse.