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BCC Chambers - Ongoing debate on Sherwood Bus Depot 27-Oct-2009

Submitted by Leigh Park on Thu, 05/11/2009 - 4:50pm

Question 8

Councillor SUTTON:

Thank you, Madam Chair; I was waiting for Councillor PRENTICE to acknowledge the significant contribution of the State Government on that one, but—

Chairman: Are you going to ask the question?

Councillors interjecting:

Chairman: Order!

Councillor SUTTON: Yes, Madam Chair. My question is to the—Madam Chair, if Councillor PRENTICE would stop yelling over me, I would continue to ask my question.

Chairman: Councillor PRENTICE!

Councillor SUTTON:

Thank you, Madam Chair, for your protection. My question is to the LORD MAYOR. You rushed through the purchase of land through this Chamber for the Sherwood bus depot on 4 August this year without warning. However, the Council files have now revealed that you knew, and your Civic Cabinet was fully aware, that Sherwood was being advocated as the preferred site for the bus depot since at least 13 November 2008.

Why was not this factored into the Sherwood Neighbourhood Planning process, and why was not the neighbourhood planning team informed, and why did you keep this preferred site for the bus depot secret from the residents of Tennyson Ward?


Sherwood Services Club Survey of Members' Views on potential 9 Storey Development

Submitted by webmaster on Thu, 15/10/2009 - 10:03pm

The following newsletter and membership survey was recently sent to members of the Sherwood Services Club.

Fast Facts

Who: Sherwood Services Club, Clewley Street, Corinda

What: The club is consulting with its members about its response to the BCC Draft Sherwood/Graceville Neighbourhood Plan and the future of the Club within the Corinda Centre.


BCC Summary Reports on Community Feedback on Neighbourhood Plan

Submitted by webmaster on Wed, 23/09/2009 - 9:10pm

Summary Report of Community Feedback from "Talk to a Planner" Session 6 August 2009

The extensive feedback recorded by Council staff at the "Talk to a Planner Session" on the 6 August 2009 has been collated and sorted into several themes.  This report summarises the key points within these themes and draws conclusions about overall community opinion.


BCC Chambers - Ongoing debate on Sherwood Bus Depot 1-Sep-2009

Submitted by webmaster on Thu, 10/09/2009 - 8:28pm

Question 2

Councillor SUTTON:


Thank you, Madam Chair; my question is to the LORD MAYOR.According to a recent instruction to Council staff: the customer is always right. Why, then, are not our customers in the Sherwood area and the local Councillor right in their opposition to the proposed location of the new bus depot? Does your commitment stand that, if there is significant community opposition, you will look for another location, or was that just a hollow promise to string the residents along?



Bus Timetable Revealed

Submitted by webmaster on Wed, 09/09/2009 - 10:25pm

The following detailed proposed Sherwood Bus Depot timetable information was released to the community by Councillor Quirk together with details of the Road Traffic Study.

Time Via Rocklea Via Sherwood


Daily Bus Movement Summary
4am-5am 5   5
5am-6am 20 3 23
6am-7am 78 22 100
7am-8am 34 14 48
8am-9am 22 2 24
9am-10am 37 6 43
10am-11am 28 12 30
11am-12pm 28 4 32
12pm-1pm 6 6 12
1pm-2pm 28 4 32
2pm-3pm 67 19 86
3pm-4pm 31 7 38
4pm-5pm 27 6 33
5pm-6pm 13   13
6pm-7pm 49 24 73
7pm-8pm 32 16 48
8pm-9pm 6 3 9
9pm-10pm 8 4 12
10pm-11pm 4 3 7
11pm-12am 9 2 11
12am-1am 8 5


The files attached to this article detail all the individual bus movements.


BCC Chambers Minutes Extract - Debate on Sherwood Bus Depot

Submitted by webmaster on Sun, 30/08/2009 - 8:22am

Minutes 4-August-2009


The Right Honourable the LORD MAYOR, Councillor Campbell NEWMAN, Chairman of the Establishment and Coordination Committee, moved, seconded by the DEPUTY MAYOR, Councillor Graham QUIRK, that the special report of the meeting of that Committee held on Monday 3 August 2009, be adopted.

Chairman: Is there any debate?



Community vote on use of proposed Sherwood Bus Depot property

Submitted by webmaster on Fri, 21/08/2009 - 4:47pm

What do residents think is the most appropriate use of the the site of the proposed Sherwood Bus Depot?
Currently this site is zoned for General Industry : The General Industry Area is intended to include a wide range of industrial uses. Higher development standards will be required close to more sensitive land uses. For details see City Plan Chapter 3, Section 6. e.g. Light Industry, Warehouse and Transport, Waterfront Activities or Service Trade


BBC's application for Sports Grounds

Submitted by webmaster on Wed, 12/08/2009 - 7:12am

Brisbane Boys school have a development application before council to convert the existing golf course into a school sports facility.

Residents have expressed concerns over the increased traffic that this will cause, impact of night lighting, and issues to the already notorious intersection of Oxley Road and Cliveden Avenue.

You can see more details on Council's DA website using application number A002354466


St. Aidans Master Plan

Submitted by webmaster on Sat, 08/08/2009 - 4:03pm

A resident who attended the Council Meeting on the 6th of August has kindly passed on a copy of St. Aidans draft plans (attached).


Additional information from another resident idicates that the school has been granted federal money to demolish the Queenslander (just recently rezoned to Educational Use) and to replace it with a 2 storey library.




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